My mission - raise a pile of cash for congressman Jon Porter and party
with the big dogs!

You might think that Jon looks like a bit of a stuffed shirt, but wait till you hear him with his combo, the Second Amendments!

Jon tickles the ivories. Cat can play a mean boogie woogie.

 Behind Jon, you got Reps. Collin Peterson on lead vocals, Thaddeus McCotter on lead guitar, Dave Weldon  on bass and Kenny Hulshof  on drums.

And now, coming to you live from the fabulous Venetian Resort Hotel Casino


First up was funnyman Jackie Mason. Boy, if I said half the things about the Jews that he does, I'd be in hot water!

Then Drew Carey came out and did a juggling act with the lovely and talented Tea Leoni. Tea kept hitting Drew's head with bowling pens.

Let's give it up for the Second Amendments!

My boy Jon was rocking the house. He deserves another term.

A few words from little old me, the very special guest.

Everybody was real cordial. I got applauded and cheered for every little thing I said. But I kept it short, cause I knew what the people wanted and I intended to give it to them.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mister Tom Jones!



2006, Mark Hoback