So I'm thinking... We're the fucking Lehman Brothers, and look at how they treat us. What are we, chopped liver?
Yeah yeah, Manny, chopped liver. Now shut the fuck up, I'm trying to think.
Oh look, the genius is trying to think. Maybe you should have taken that up back before you cooked the books, Jack.
Shut up, you grinning freak. You knew what was going down every step of the way. You're the jerk-off who said we could double our take with just a little sleight of hand.
Hey, you call me a freak again, I'm gonna cut your legs off and feed 'em to the bear market.
Boys, boys, calm down, we've got bigger fish to fry. Moe is right, Jack, you could have been a little more careful with the bookkeeping, but that's water under the bridge at this point. We are victims of a terrible injustice here
Oh yeah? How do you figure that, Manny?
Let me tell you how I figure. You see the news? The feds just bailed out AIG. No shit... Freddie Mac gets in trouble, the feds bail em out. Bear Sterns gets in trouble, the feds bail em out. But let the Lehman Brothers get in a little trouble, we don't get bupkis... It's because we're Jewish. If my name was Fannie instead of Manny, it'd be a whole nother ballgame.
So what do we do, boss? What do we do? If we let the feds get away with disrespecting the Lehman boys our name is gonna be mud. Speaking of which, look out for that Fed up ahead, he's got a bucket of mud!
Son of a bitch! That was the last straw. I'm calling up the Old Boys Network.

to be continued, ad infinitum, for years...


2008, Mark Hoback