Hands Across the Water

Last night I was looking for a depiction of Allah, praise be unto him, and not surprisingly, I couldn't find a good one, even at the most secular of sources. Granted, there are some places I just wouldn't go, but all in all, the prohibition of images is pretty darn effective. Now, Muhammad, you can find images. Not a lot, mind you, but while many Muslim sects prohibit them, it's not the double golden prohibition that applies to Allah, praise be unto him. HE is only depicted by the symbol that I posted here on there to the left.

The downside of this prohibition would seem to be obvious - a complete lack of freedom to find religious icons in inanimate

objects, such as the world renowned 'Virgin Mary on a Grilled Cheese Sandwich'. These life enhancing discoveries, one might imagine, are simply out of reach for the Muslim people, making their lives less rich in the process.

Happily, this is not always the case, proving that we are indeed all brothers under the skin. The symbols for Allah, praise be unto him, and Muhammad, peace be upon him, appear regularly on fruits and vegetables throughout the Islamic world. Some of these are quite amazing, every bit as stunning as Christianity's renowned Jesus on a Tortilla.

Pictured above, for example, is a Toman fish covered with praise. For those of you unable to read Arabic, it says 'In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful', and 'there is no God but Allah'. And below, is the remarkable Banana of Krumstad, clearly emblazoned with the symbols for Allah and Muhammad.

Assalamu alaykum. We are all brothers.