Castro Misses May Day

A disappointed Fidel Castro showed up at the Plaza de la Revolution this morning, only to find the huge square where he has addressed millions of Cubans over the years to be completely empty.

"¡Mi dios!" said the disconcerted dictator after finding a parking space all the way up in the front. "¿Qué el infierno está sucediendo? ¿Dónde están mis ciudadanos?"

Castro was greatly relieved when a passing Havana policeman recognized him, but then grew visibly upset when he was told that it was May 2nd and he had missed the big celebration.

"At first I was just freaked out," Castro told the Tribuna de La Habana. "It was like that Twilight Zone where the man locks himself in a safe, and when he finally comes out, everybody on earth has completely disappeared. Pretty scary, but when I talked to the officer he convinced me that I had merely slept through the holiday. So, ha ha, funny story, but, hijo de una perra, I sure do hate this getting old crap."


©2007, Mark Hoback