More Hard Luck For Jen

Anniston shows the number of bad things that have happened to her today so far

Jennifer Anniston, already reeling from heartache and stuff, suffered yet another setback today when an unarmed man walked into her Malibu home and didn't do anything.

According to one of her servants, David Hesterbey, 48, entered the residence and said that he was "looking for Jennifer".

"It was bloody awful," said Dawn Hastings, Ms. Anniston's personal assistant of nearly four months. "I mean, 'e could of been anyone, couldn't 'e now? Bleedin' Jack the Ripper for all I know. 'e 'ad eyes in his head, great big eyes, brown and everything, and 'e looked as though 'e'd been shaving. With a razor, no doubt. And the way 'e said 'e was looking for Jenny would freeze the heart of the devil 'imself. What ho, I told him, you'll have to be off with yourself. And with that, 'e was gone, but not before making fun of me blinkin' accent, the rotter."

Hesterbey was apprehended a short while later, sitting on the beach. It is believed he entered the house through an open door.

Anniston was in Chicago at the time,  filming "The Break Up" with Vince Vaughn, but was so disturbed by the news that she will not be able to resume work until sometime next week.

"It could have been me," said Anniston, her voice quavering . "It could have been me, and my bodyguard could have been out of the house buying a pack of smokes, and he could have attacked me and knocked me down, and if he had a gun maybe he would have shot me. Or worse. I can't bare to think about it."

2005, Mark Hoback