Blame Gets Passed to Henry

The buck, which has been looking all week for someplace to stop, has finally come to rest upon Henry's desk. Metaphorically, that is, as Henry has no desk for the buck to stop on.

Unlike everyone else in his imaginary chain of command, Henry has no excuse for why the Hurricane Katrina disaster was allowed to happen. "It must have been God's will," was Henry's initial excuse, a charge which was quickly denied by the deity.

"Would you give a listen to that," He said in a mighty voice. "Henry is bearing false witness. I really hate that, and I'm not going to forget it anytime soon. If you really want to know who's responsible for the magnitude of this disaster, I think you need look no further than George W Bush". The president quickly claimed that the deity had mistaken him for someone else.

"I'm not one to second guess the creator, but I know first hand how, when things are real hectic, it's easy to get confused about some of the little details. Heck, I wasn't even in town when this whole thing happened. But you know who was? Michael D Brown, that's who." The Director of FEMA quickly dismissed Bush's insinuation.

"Oh thanks a lot buddy. That's mighty white of you. FEMA was ready, willing and able to come in and save the day, save it so fast it would make your head spin. Remember that little nuclear episode outside of Phoenix? Of course you don't, because FEMA was on the spot. Katrina broke my heart, it really did. And it's all because the goddamn governor would not invite us in." The goddamn governor was quick to respond.

"First of all, you do not use that sort of language around a southern lady, Mister Yankee Interloper," said Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. "Sure, the feds would like to take over. If they'd been able to pull off taking it away from the locals, they then could have blamed everything on the locals. And this is not the time for finger-pointing. Of course if it were, I'd have a pinky aimed right at C. Ray Nagin." The mayor of New Orleans quickly denied culpability.

"That's totally outrageous," responded Nagin. "The mayor can order an evacuation, but if the mayor does not have the resources to get the poor, elderly, the disabled, those who cannot, out, or if he does not even have police capacity to enforce the mandatory evacuation,  then you end up with the kind of situation we have right now in New Orleans. There's only one person to blame for this mess - Henry."

"Uh," said Henry. "It must have been God's will."


2005, Mark Hoback