You know I don't really call Kevin K-Fed K-Fed cause that is such a goofy sounding name like he's trying to be black and he's not and I tell him get over it Kevin if your were really black you'd be named something like Ghostface Killah or I don't know MC something or another but most decidedly not K-Fed cause that sounds like a breakfast cereal or something don't you think? You know like I'm going to have a bowl of K-Fed and some juice with a side of those little link sausages I like so much?

And then I tell Kevin I'm sick of these motherfuckin snakes in the motherfuckin house. Yes I do. I saw the 'Snakes on a Plane'  yesterday and I can't stop saying those words, it is so really funny to say I bet I'll be saying it for weeks and weeks you know I'm sick of these motherfuckin photographers in my motherfuckin lifetime. I used to think you know that was just a word for black people to say but now I know that it really isn't which is kind of funny cause it was Samuel Jackson who said it and he's a black man but still.

I'm serious about the sharks though because I have a baby and I have another one in the oven and I can just imagine what the press would say if I dropped the baby into the shark tank or God forbid if he crawled into the shark tank and got eaten or terribly mangled they would be like there goes Britney again she's such an irresponsible mother and I'm so not an irresponsible mother but you know how they pounce on every little thing like when they make fun of Kevin because he had to start his own record company because nobody would put out his record which is totally bogus I think if he was black or talented just kidding Kevin but you know there's like this kind of prejudice still about white boys rapping even if they're better than Eminem you know?



2006, Mark Hoback