The King's Final Meltdown

Debra Klunhinger only wants one small taste of Elvis.

It was to be a sculpture like no other, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: the likeness of Elvis Aaron Presley carved from 800 pounds of rich creamery butter, enough to coat the English muffins of the entire town of Boston. It would have been, should have been, the crowning glory of the entire 'King's Ransom Exhibit' at the 119th State Fair of Texas. The sculpture was to have been displayed on a giant turntable. From one vantage point Elvis would have been facing a buttery marquee, but when the turntable rotated, he would be singing to a group of tasty howling hounds.

But alas, it was not to be. Sad word has surfaced this afternoon that just one day before the King of dairy product's first appearance, a screw came loose in the hip of the statues metal frame. And just like the real Elvis, it fell right over.

Doctors try in vain to resuscitate Elvis, but the melting is too severe