Presenting the best new game of 2007, the most fun you can have with your pants on, it's Intelligent Design vs. Evolution!

Intelligent Design vs Evolution is unique in that the playing pieces are small rubber brains and each team plays for "brain" cards. Each player uses his or her brains to get more brains, and the team with the most brains wins.

Dad: September 14, 468 BC.

Mom: What is King Solomon's birthday?

Dad: You're right! Pick up your brains card.

Mom: YAY! I got three brains! Okay, Billy, it's your turn... a four. You've landed on Gethsemane... Here's you question... Oh, it's an easy one. How many days did it take God to create the Heavens and the Earth?

Billy: Seven!

Dad: BEEP... Wrong, Billy. You lose a brain. Take it, little Suzie.

Little Suzie: Six. And on the seventh day He rested.

Dad: Very good, Little Suzie, pick up your brain card... I can't believe you missed that, Billy...

Little Suzie: Awww... I just got half a brain.

Mom: Don't feel bad, Little Suzie. Someone I know doesn't have any brains at all.

Dad: That's right... I'm afraid you have to trade your brain piece in for this rubber turd, Billy... But, don't worry, you do get a make-up question...  Roll the dice.

Mom: Eight. Hoo hoo, Billy landed on Sodom!

Little Suzie: Hee hee hee hee.

Dad: Don't guess you have a 'Get Out of Sodom Free' card, do you Sport?

Billy: No...

DAD: Okay, your Brain Teaser is from Revelations 8:10-11... When the third angel sounds his trumpet, a great star falls from the sky, burning like a torch, and it falls on one third of the rivers, and on the springs of the waters. For your eternal soul, what is the name of that star?

Billy: Oh, man...