Giant Fork Finally Recovered in Grand Forks

In a bit of happy news today, the Grand Forks Herald reports that one of the North Dakota town's giant forks has been found and bolted back to the ground to prevent any further wanderings on the part of the wayward utensil.

The six foot fork is part of the town's prized collection of some fifty-one oversized forks which adorn city sidewalks and local businesses.

An early morning anonymous phone tip helped Grand Forks police recover a missing "UnFORKettable" fork of art belonging to the Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce.

The so-called "train fork" is back in its regular display setting outside the chamber building, a former railroad depot. It was discovered missing over the weekend. The fork sustained no significant damage in the days it was gone, chamber president Dan Schenkein said.

The fork was found in the suburban kitchen of Nellie Delboccio who tripped over it while making a late night trip to the refrigerator to get a swig of Dr. Pepper.

"You'd think I would have noticed a fork that size, but I didn't," said Delboccio. "I'm just glad I caught my balance. If I'd fallen on one of those giant tines, my ass would be sore for a week."



2004, Mark Hoback