HEY THERE Mhoback@mindspring.net!

Hey Gina!

I would like to represent you the GAME.

Okay! Start Representing!

CAUTION: Read this step by step only!!!

 Whew. Glad you warned me, Gina.

If you are not 18 don't read this mail at all!!!

Aw, go away, you. You're flirting with me now, aren't you?

You gotta read this sentence by sentence!

Not a problem.

Before you start the game wish something! And I gonna say you just one thing - everybody who play this game say that their wishes came true.

(You know, I sure wish I knew of a free, sexy website. Where in the world could I find one?) Okay, Gina. Got it.

1.Take the peace of paper and draw two empty squares. In the first square write any number.

Seven. That's my lucky number.

2. Open this page and register freesexyworld.  You gotta do this certainly because you can't play this game without it. When registration finished find on the page the first simple number and write it to the second square

Okay. Hold on... okay. 383

3.Don't read forward if you haven't do the second directions because the wish will never come true.

I've already done it, Gina. What was that part where they needed my Visa number?

-!!! And this is the key to the game!!!

1. I don't know what is the meaning of first number but this number is important in your life.

3. The second number is the count of the people you got to mail this letter. Do this or your wish will never come true.


If you will believe this game your life will be much better.

Ah, this ain't nothing but a UCE.

This is not an UCE! This is a friendly bonus from Gina.


2003, M Hoback