All right, we're back for another episode of the Highway 61 hour, here on XM radio... I call it an episode, because much like life, we try to make it episodic. The great poet Horace once said that life is what you make it, and then there was this song I used to like which said life is a roll and the radio rocked me. That won't be coming up later this hour because I can't for the life of me remember who did it. It was a real good song, though, take it from me. So let's get things moving along now with the great bluesman Blind Lemon Pledge and his rendition of the classic 'When Mama Calls Just Tell Her That I'm Not Around'.

Okay, that was a good one, wasn't it? That was the long version, twenty-two minutes of live blues power, recorded at the Starlight Club in Chicago. All right. Like I said twenty-three minutes ago, you're listening to another episode of the Highway 61 hour, here on XM radio. What's tonight's episode called? I'm calling it 'Wigwam'. Hey, you know why Burt Reynolds spends so much time in the steam room? He wants to keep his wigwam. Heh heh. That's an original from me, Bobby D.

You know, back when I was recording 'Blonde on Blonde', there was another masterpiece being birthed in the town of San Pedro. Yeah, it even outsold me, but that's not the important thing. The important thing is remembering that you have to serve somebody. It could be the devil or it could be the lord. That's a hint. Or a clue, depending on how emotionally invested you are. At any rate, it relates to a story I'll be telling about this great band after the song. So here it is, 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida', the long version.

Okay, welcome back to the Highway 61 hour, with your host Bobby D. I'm getting calls asking if this is really me. It is. Bobby D is just a better radio name than Bob Dylan, that's all. So what was the enigma I hinted at earlier, you know, about twenty minutes ago? Well, it's like this. When Iron Butterfly was first recording that great classic, it was supposed to be called 'In The Garden of Eden'. But the suits at the record label couldn't figure out what the singer was saying. That's a true story.

Hey, Mister Tambourine man, looks like we're moving up kinda close towards the top of the hour. Yes, indeed. Well, I'm going to put on one last track, and then it's time for my bootheels to be wandering. Be sure to join me next week here on the Highway 61 hour here on XM radio, when I'll have new songs and stories for your listening pleasure. I'm Bobby D, and this is 'Whipping Post' by the Allmans. The long version.


2005, Mark Hoback