Source photo from the AP

"Hey, Matt, this is Jim up, in the booth. Listen, here's the problem... we're getting ready to come off the eight o'clock break in a couple of minutes and the boss is friggin pissed... Why? I'll tell you why - we're two thirds of the way through the goddam show and Katie hasn't shed tear one yet. Unacceptable..."

"Yeah, maybe you're right, maybe she doesn't want to look vulnerable right as she's getting ready to take on a prime time gig... And maybe you can tell me why the fuck I should see that as my problem?"

"You're the talent... Well, you say you're the talent, maybe I'll believe you're the talent once I start seeing the waterworks..."

"What? What? Unbelievable, I'm supposed to be the idea guy too?... Okay. Okay, here you go. Coming up next, we've got a highlight reel of some of the really fun moments from her whole stint on the show... You know, like the time she danced with Antonio Banderas. The time you two made a cake and she got icing on her cute little nose. All sorts of good shit... Yeah. So after the reel, you start talking about how much fun you guys have had over the years. Start it off soft and then run with it..."

"Yeah, then tell her how doing the evening news isn't fun like doing the Today Show. And tell her how much all of the good times have meant to you... Yeah. Talk about the special chemistry you two have, and how it's just inexplicable, all the laughter you've shared, and how much you're going to miss her, and be sure to throw in the 'love' word, that always works, and tell her... Matt. Matt! Will you cut it with the sobbing? We're back on the air in fifteen seconds..."


2005, Mark Hoback