Hi. I'm the little angel of hope. Would you like a Twinkie? Gosh, you sure look as though you could use one...

Sometimes I like to materialize to people who are wearing frowny faces. Like you. Listen, there's no reason to be sad. Things could be so much worse. Look at me, for example. My beautiful downy wings have been transformed into these round Frisbee-like things. You're right, they do weigh a ton, and then when it rains they fill up with water and the next thing you know I've got birds and squirrels all the fuck over me. It's turned my hair white, it has, and there's not a goddamn thing I can do about it.

Still, I live in a beautiful garden, filled with fragrant flowers, along with the aforementioned birds and squirrels. Filthy creatures, those squirrels. And did I mention that this picture was taken a few months ago, before the flowers became nothing but dead memories. Pretty soon, I'll be up to my ass in snow, and like an idiot I'm wearing this thin summer dress, so in a word, I'm fucked. But you'd never know it, because my face is frozen into this vapid stare of perpetual innocence.


2004, M Hoback