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I read something recently that I just could not believe. I don't remember where I read it, but I'm sure that it was on a blog. And it said that you wouldn't be finding any intelligent bloggers wasting ink on the Michael Jackson trial.

Well first off, Mr. or Ms. Smartypants (I'm pretty sure it was a guy), no bloggers are going to be wasting ink on Michael Jackson because we use pixels, okay? Those little things on the screen you see aren't made out of ink, which I guess just shows how smart you are and maybe you should just keep your pronouncements to yourself.

But it is weird, I like Googled, and I didn't find any serious Michael Jackson blogs, I mean with serious articles and issues like the ones you'll find here just as soon as I start writing them. Most of the blogs I found were all cutesy and stuff, with animated shoes dancing on the screen and Michaels picture inside of hearts and things like that. And they were just about all in Japanese or something.

But not this blog. I will be bringing you the real skinny about how unscrupulous people are trying to ruin Michaels reputation with phony false accusations that just aren't true.

This blog has one and only one purpose, and that's to tell everyone the truth so that when Michael finally gets his day in court everybody will be so sorry they ever believed these things, and Michael will be free to entertain us all again.

                                                                  - Gina Overly


I am going to tell you a story that is going to make you absolutely ill. I mean, it's not like I want to upset you or anything, but the purpose of the 'Justice for Michael Jackson Blog' is to speak the truth, even if the truth is brutal and just downright nauseating.

Okay, so these people, the ones who are trying so hard to besmirch Michael's reputation in such a cruel and hurtful ways, are rotten. (This story is from the AP, people, which stands for the Associated Press, and it was printed in the Washington Post, so you just go ahead and tell me that I'm wrong.)

These people have a "history of making false allegations that become more outrageous as time passes." That's a quote from MJ's lawyer.

Do you know what they did? This is a couple of years ago. They had the little boy (the little bastard, I should say) steal a bunch of clothes from JC Penney (ugh!) and then run outside, and then they said that the security guards followed them and beat them up. Ha! And then the mother, who I am betting is a big fat cow, said the security guards felt her up! I'm not kidding. They got $150,000 for this piece of make believe garbage nonsense, and now they want to go after Michael and take all his hard earned money, and his freedom, too.

Excuse me while I barf.

- Gina Overly


Oh, damn. Like, is my day is ruined enough? I was going to go and see 'Constantine' at the Cinema Six, and then I find out that the (alleged) grand jury testimony on MJ has been posted on the Smoking Gun. And it's like fifteen hundred pages, and I'm a slow reader because I have a wandering eye. What am I supposed to do?

I am so going to find out who my congressman is so I can ask if these Smoking Gun people can be arrested for publishing secret lies. I'm pretty sure they can, and if not, it's just not fair.

Here's one of the lies about Michael that's already in the paper (I guess someone stayed up late reading). You won't believe where I saw this - Web India!!! Can you believe it? These are people that worship cows and have absolutely no idea how to dress.

They say that Michael is a mannequin humper! I am not making this up! Here is the supposed testimony of the little MJ accusing bastard's younger brother who has probably been bought off with Twizzlers. "The mannequin in his bedroom was a female child, African American, and she would be sitting at the back left of his bedroom. He picked it up and was pretending like he was humping it on the bed. He was on top."

Well of course he was on the top, you little moron. If he was on the bottom, that would be really weird.

- Gina Overly


Some Really Nice Relief

Okay, in case you thought we were going to be totally depressing and all at the 'Justice for Michael Jackson Blog', here's a picture of Michael as he left the hospital after suffering from a case of influenza which nearly took his life. I don't see any bitterness in his face, do you?

The man is a warrior, and he will fight to show the goodness of his heart to everyone in the world, whatever it cost him personally.

And oh no, those are not blood spots on his cute little tiger, those are little valentines. You people have sick minds.

- Gina Overly


Sorry for not posting more frequently, but thus far, really, what has there been to say that you haven't already heard on the trash news. It's very demoralizing to follow what's going on sometimes, but I find that when I really start getting
really depressed the best thing for me to do is to listen to MJ and go with the feeling.

I played 'Ben' at least fifty times last night, and slowly it worked it's healing magic on me. "Ben, you'll always be a part of me, Ben, down in the very heart of me..." I could have sworn those were the lyrics, but you know, I was wrong. The lyrics speak to something deeper, a need to not be running "here and there", a sadness in the knowledge that "you're not wanted anywhere". How can you not feel for the man?

So the prosecutors invaded Michaels private space, taking video of his bedroom. How would you feel if they shot video of your bedroom? I can't stand the thought of being so violated. They made fun of his dolls, which were not really doll dolls, they were life size action figures of Batman and Superman and Hans Solo and so forth. The press just called them dolls to make MJ sound like some sort of weirdo. To quote the man himself "They don't see you as I do, I wish they would try to, I'm sure they'd think again, If they had a friend like Ben."

Keep your spirits up, Michael. We're all your Ben

- Gina Overly


Okay, People, This is not funny.

I saw this on one of those really stupid blogs that are always trying to get a cheap laugh off of Michael Jackson's suffering, and I am so totally not amused. Do not be - Goddamit, I am going to curse - do not believe for one moment this slanderous shit. Pardon my French, but oooohh, I saw this stupid site called al-Qaedas something something, and I just wanted to puke.

This is not a picture of Michael Jackson undergoing new plastic surgery, and I can not believe that some people are so f-word stupid that they would actually fall for this sort of lie!



Yes, Michael had a little plastic surgery because his hair caught on fire when he had that horrible Pepsi incident. Wouldn't you do the same thing if your head was ablaze? Gawd! I suppose you would just be contented to have a burned up head. Yeah. I bet my words touch your conscience, don't they? I just hope that you never have to go through this sort of pain yourself, because you couldn't take it.

Mean, mean, mean. The man hurt his back this week and all you can do is laugh and laugh, like a bunch of f-word hyenas. I bet everyone who is so quick to go ha ha ha... I bet you've never had pajamas as nice as his, and I hope that you never do.

- Gina Overly



2005, Mark Hoback