For my money, you have to dig down pretty deep into the funny barrel to come up with something better than a Kiss tribute band made up of midgets. That's pure genius, an event so intrinsically amusing that I believe it deserves that rare second picture.

So there's this band working out of New York and they call themselves MiniKiss, for obvious reasons. The leader is 4'4" Joey Fatale and he's got himself one rocking posse. (The little Paul Stanley is adorable). And I'm thinking that these guys are making a pretty decent living too, because I know that I would pay cash money to see them and I'll bet that you would too.

But like in any other band, there are always problems. In this case it's a clash between little Joey, and the even smaller (4 foot zip) drummer, 'Little' Tim Loomis. Joey is jealous, Tim tells the press, because he's the one that pulls all the chicks. (We imagine that Joey said something like 'Balderdash').

You know what happens next. Little Timmy quits the band and starts a small new combo of his own - Tiny Kiss, which heads off to Vegas where the band ends up scoring a two year million dollar plus contract at the Imperial Palace. All of which causes a good bit of sorrow and anger from Joey Fatale who not unrealistically believes that Loomis ripped off his idea for a midget Kiss tribute band. Loomis poo-poos the accusation, explaining the difference.

"It's not even the same as his band, because mine is three little people and one fat chick, and he's just four little people."

And yes, since you asked so nicely, I will leave you with another picture


2006, Mark Hoback