"Diana Duyser..."

"Who's there? Show yourself."

"I'm sure you can see me, Diana. You seem to have quite a talent for seeing things."

"Who is it? What's your name?"

"You know my name, Diana. Take a look at the pecan pie."

"Yii! Oh, oh, oh, Mary, it's... Darrell, Darrell, come quick, the Virgin Mary is in our desert!"

"He can't hear you, Diana. He's been given a thirst, and now he's down at the pub. Only you can hear me now, Diana. Quiet yourself."

"I, I, I..."

"Quiet yourself. You sold me out, Diana. You know that, don't you? What was it - twenty-eight thousand pieces of silver? You must be proud."

"Hey, not bad for a ten year old grilled cheese sandwich. But, but I uh, wanted to share you with the world."

"And you took a bite out of me."

"That was before I noticed!"

"You said I brought you luck... What's the matter, Diana, you don't want luck anymore? Seventy thousand, isn't that what you claimed you won?"

"Ah, forgive me, I tend to exaggerate..."

"Sure, sure. I forgive you. You probably gave all your winnings to the church, didn't you?"


"What's that you're wearing, Diana? A 'Passion of the Toast' t-shirt? Not very becoming. You said you would miss me, that I was a great comfort to you. Well, here I am Diana."

"Listen. I'm sorry. What can I do? I never really thought that it was you on the sandwich... I, I thought that..."

"You did think it was me, Diana. You did believe."

"You're wrong. How can you say that?"

"I'm not the one who's talking to a pecan pie..."


2004, Mark Hoback