A FGAQ Public Service Piece: Gun Safety For Seniors

Lisa Marie laughs, knowing that old Chester would never intentionally kill her.

With Florida's recent passage of the 'Stand Your Ground' law (derisively called the Kill Bill law by some liberals), FGAQ worries about the weakest among us, the Florida senior citizens. We worry about the pensioner who is forced to chose between buying food or bullets, not to mention the expensive prescription medication needed to steady their hand.

"Finally, sadly, we must consider situations where gun ownership may no longer be appropriate," cautions The Armed Citizen. "For those of us lucky enough to live to a ripe old age, there will inevitably come a time when our capacities to responsibly handle firearms has passed. When that time is must be something determined by you in advance in order to avoid a situation when someone else wants to (or has to) determine it for you."

And when that time comes, tell 'em that they're going to have to pry that pistol right out of your cold, dead fingers. And then blast the varmints. That nagging daughter in law and those skittish grandchildren - screw 'em. Who the hell has got the gumption to be telling you that you can't still handle a gun?

Caregiver's Home Companion tells us that the 62+ age group has the highest percentage of gun ownership, and with 150,000 seniors already having concealed weapon permits in Florida, you better be on your best behavior when you head to the early bird buffet down at Denny's.

Armed seniors "are no more of a safety risk than anyone else," says John Bender, executive director of the Texas-based Seniors United Supporting the Second Amendment. Instead, he says that guns "make everyone equal" by compensating for physical disabilities seniors may have.

Well, there you go. Who amongst ye would oppose equality for the elderly? Even though Ageless Design tells us that "Guns and Alzheimer's simply do not mix," I think that's a bit judgmental, don't you? Still, there are those special problems that seniors have with their firearms, and we go to Gun Magazine's article, "Geezer Guns", for advise.

Are your eyes not as reliable as they used to be? Sure, I know, this can be a real problem with such tasks as aiming, so why not "give a look at the ghost ring rear pistol sight." Even better is the Ashley Emerson express-type sight. "A giant ball, available in glowing tritium, sits above the muzzle. As the gun comes to the eye, it settles atop a shallow V, and one has a sight picture that will be lightning fast at close range."

Arthritis or just plain tired hands got you down? Do you run for the Bufferin after firing just one or two shots? It's time to switch guns! "If recoil is a problem for sore old hands and .380 is just too little power for the individual to feel safe with, the 9mm comes into its own. Springfield Armory is just one manufacturer of 1911 pistols in this caliber, which kick barely more than .22s and have very light recoil springs which make their slides very easy to operate."

That's all the time we have for today, but join us in our next Senior Safety column where we discuss the most common causes of self inflicted gun shots, such as shooting yourself in the armpit when your pistol gets caught in those high riding trousers.


2005, Mark Hoback