Everybody loves locusts, and now they're literally falling from the sky! Pennies from Heaven!

...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world...

Egyptian clerics like them special. We all got needs. The al-Masri al-Yawm newspaper says that the glorious al-Azhar Institute has decreed that it is permitted - nay, encouraged! - by Allah to partake of the yummy red desert locusts that are swarming throughout the country. al-Azhar has urged all Egyptians to "hunt the locusts and eat them to combat the crisis."

As if the people would need encouragement. Hunting them down and eating them is a duty drizzled with pleasure. Oh, if only John Kerry had adapted this delicious call to service, he could be president today.

But then, he would have needed to bring us locusts, and we have not been so blessed.

Australia, they got 'em in spades this year. The cognoscenti call 'em 'sky prawns'. Yum yum yum yum. Says here that they got government workers putting together a cookbook called 'Cooking with Sky Prawns', and the co-author, the suspiciously named Edward Joshua, says that the "home delivery bush food" is nutritionally superior to beef. Tastier too, for sure.

Here's a few recipes: locust dumplings, chocolate-covered locusts, locust-flavoured popcorn and Coonabarabran stir fry. I've never been that high. Convince me, Joshua.

"If you've eaten a lobster, crab or crayfish, you've already eaten Arthropoda, of which insects are part. So popping a big, juicy locust in your mouth is only a step away."

Okay! I'm convinced! Lobster for the masses!

Joshua (third from left) blows his mighty horn, driving all the tasty sky prawns out of Jericho, deeply saddening all Jerichanians.