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Okay folks. It looks like those activist judges have done it once again. They've gone and decided that they have the right to create the law rather than to just interpret it. I don't know how many times I have to tell you people that this is something we've got to put an end to, or our country is going to go to hell on a hot rail and there won't be anything we can do about it. We've got to wrest control of our judicial system back out of the hands of the secularists who would destroy it.

Yesterday the Supremes ruled five to four that the Constitution forbids the execution of killers who were under 18 when they committed their crimes, no matter how heinous those crimes might be.  So if some seventeen year old hoodlum comes to your house, kidnaps your wife, burns her eyes out with battery acid, and then feeds her still breathing body into a wood-chipper while raping your little three year old daughter, the Constitution says that it's cruel and unusual to put that monster to death? I'd like to see where it says that. Can anybody show me where it says that? That's not what our founding fathers intended and these Supreme Court boneheads, at least the majority of them, are creating a whole new world of social entitlements.

Listen to this. Justice Kennedy talked about international opposition to executing teenagers. There we go, this sounds like some sort of John Kerry fantasy world where we've got to ask permission from the United Nations in order to kill our own young people. 

We'll take your calls in a minute, but fist we're going talk to Peter Dickwad from the ACLU, a man who agrees that capitol punishment should be outlawed for all American terrorists under 18 years of age. I shouldn't use the word talk, because, as you know, most of these liberals haven't got a clue as how to talk, they just want to rub your face in their secular filth and spread their virulent anti-God agenda. So get ready  to listen to a little bit of this idiot's insane ravings - it should let you get a sense of what the enemy sounds like on what should be a non-issue issue.

SH: Okay, Dickwad, are you're saying that you would not allow the death penalty for Osama bin Laden?

PD: Good afternoon, Sean. I...

SH: Answer the question, Dickwad!

PD: He's over 18.

SH: What? What is your point? Are you unable to answer a simple question without trying to spin your way to safety? Answer the question, Dickwad!

PD: Well, Sean...

SH: Mr. Hannity, punk.

PD: Well, Mr. Hannity, I...

SH: Don't patronize me, Dickwad. Are you going to answer the question or not?

PD: Osama bin Laden is not the question here. The Supreme...

SH: Not the question? Unbelievable! Flipper, get me the playback on that, would you.

Playback: Okay, Dickwad, are you're saying that you would not allow the death penalty for Osama bin Laden?

SH: Okay, Dickwad, you've proved my point. You're out of here. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sorry to waste your time. Just goes to show what happens when you try to get one scintilla of honesty out of a liberal. Let's go to the phones. Jim, you're on line one.

Jim: Hi Sean. That last guy was a real dickwad.

SH: Yes he was, Jim. What's your take on this terrible, terrible decision from our activist Supreme Court?

Jim: It makes me mad, Sean. I don't think that France or Germany should be the ones who tell us how old old someone has to be before we can kill them for their sins. And I use the word sin intentionally, because I believe that when you use the word crime, you're sugar-coating the issue. But I have to say, maybe the liberals won this fight, but they're gonna lose the war, Sean. One more dead judge and we're home free.

SH: You're a great American, Jim, thank you for your comments. Let's go to Lou in Idaho. Go ahead.

Lou: Hey Sean, long time first time.

SH: What's on your mind, fella.

Lou: I was thinking about this death penalty thing, and I heard a guy on CNN saying that like there weren't hardly any countries left that still had the death penalty for kids, and that those who did were some really groady countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran and the Congo, so it was bad for the US to, you know, kill them so young.

SH: Let me ask you a question, Lou. Are you high?

Lou: Yeah, Sean. Loaded.

SH: I thought so, Lou, cause I heard you say something a moment ago that was really absurd. You said you were watching CNN. What sort of rubbish do you think you're going to hear when you listen to the liquor network? Now straighten up and fly right.

Gotta break for a minute now, but when we come back, Why is the media covering up the news that the BTK killer had a picture of Nancy Pelosi hidden in his sock drawer? We'll try to find the answer to that when we return.



2005, Mark Hoback