Tom and Cathy and Sal


“There once was a man named Oedipus Rex,” she was singing. “You might have read about his odd complex.”

Cathy was older than us, and had been living in the fringes of show business when we were still in grade school.

“He’s even listed in Freud’s index, cause he loved his mother.” Fortunately there was no piano in the house or the atmosphere would have become overbearingly jaunty. “Yes he loved his mother like no other, His daughter was his sister and his son was his brother…”


This was a song originally performed by someone with the name Tom Lehrer, who was one of Cathy’s friends back in what to us was the old days. See, that’s the reason that we knew Cathy was being truthful about her past – she totally didn't impress us. We had never heard of any of her ‘famous’ friends, but then you would Google their names and there they would be. “Tom Lehrer”. 26,900 hits on Google, zero hits on the radio. Go figure.


There is far too much information, and soon there will be even more. Calm down. Cathy’s world is as real as the next one. It can be documented. One day she sat in a red roadside leatherette booth directly across from Sal Mineo (18,160 hits). He dropped a quarter in the jukebox and played ‘Blue Moon’ by the Marcels five times in a row.


© 2002, Mark Hoback