The Brotherhood of the Traveling Trousers brings to the big screen Glen Plaid's beloved novel about a really bitchin' summer in the lives of four buddies who might be just a little bit too close.

Introduced as toddlers at Miss Ellie's Daycare and Nail Salon, they have only one thing in common; very busy working mothers who have better things to do than stick around home with some little brat who can't even carry on a decent conversation. The four grow up to become the best of friends, even though they have absolutely nothing in common, especially their size and shape. Particularly their size and shape, which is in fact quite different.

Now, after sharing every dawning hope and passing dream, every innermost secret, every fleeting thought and secret fantasy, you know, everything, their lives are coming to a crossroad which will send them off in four very different directions which have nothing in common except for the sense of anticipation common to all new beginnings and a certain article of clothing.

Meet the shy and sometimes violent Claude (Trevor Morgan) [waist size 34], who is looking forward to spending quality time with his eccentric mom Doris (played by Cameron Diaz, in a role you won't soon forget), who deserted him years earlier to become the first female vice president at the Microsoft PowerPoint division. Meet headstrong young athlete Buck (Frankie Munz) [waist size 30], who is finally getting the opportunity to compete in the Tour de France, in spite of a heart murmur that only he and three very special and very different friends know about. Meet RJ (Jadakiss), the negro of the group. And finally, meet Worried Willie (Hugh Jackman) [waist size 40], the borderline paranoid who stays put in his hometown working as a stock boy for Wal-Mart, but nonetheless undertakes a harrowing adventure in his head.

On the final day before their very different paths diverge forever, the four go on a clothes shopping spree at Bloomingdales. Hey, it could happen. There is absolutely nothing 'weird' about four very different guys shopping together, as this wondrous film makes clear. While perusing the merchandise, they discover a pair of black wool trousers that amazingly fits and flatters each of them perfectly, even though, as mentioned previously, they're four young dudes who are very different sizes and shapes. The guys are stunned, and take turns trying on the trousers over and over again. They soon realize that this is an omen, and that the magic trousers are meant for sharing, which gives them a wonderful idea. The four decide that they will use the trousers as a way to stay in touch, each wearing the pants for a week to see what fate will bring him before mailing them on to the next.

In this way, the four share an emotional bond that allows them to experience all the joys and heartbreak of life together during a spring that none of them will ever forget. The Brotherhood of the Traveling Trousers will touch you in a way that no other movie has touched you before, leaving you with a renewed sense of wonder and joy. It's a fit that won't quit. You'll want to see it again and again.

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Trousers
Playing at a Theater Near You

2005, Mark Hoback