Girls Bad, Boys Good


The Boy Scouts are constantly attacked these days by the ACLU and other radical left institutions for standing by traditional standards of moral character, like tying knots and helping elderly ladies to navigate their way across busy boulevards. In the politically correct corners of America, wearing a Boy Scout uniform is like wearing a Nazi brown shirt. Absurd, I say. Everyone knows that Boy Scouts wear tan shirts. Actually more of a dapple-sand shade, but definitely of a color other than the umber-hazel tone favored by Der Fuhrer.

In a recent column for the highly influential Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star and Herald, well-known media pundit Rick Mercier criticized President Bush for having visited last month's patriotic Boy Scout Jamboree. He made a couple of quotes which would grill your cheese if I were to reprint them. Believe me, they would, but I refuse to give him the satisfaction. Other MSM outlets like to compare the scouts to the Taliban or the KKK. It's true. Look it up. One darling of the secular slime, M Hoback of Fried Green al-Qaedas, went so far as to plant a fake story asserting that Liza Minelli was appearing at the Jamboree in the president's stead, a lie so appalling that a team of psychologists had to be flown in to deal with the resultant trauma.

While all of this is happening to our virtuous lads, the Girl Scouts are not being even marginally attacked. What the hell is going on? Is there a reason? Yes there is, and a clue can be found in the very name of the organization. Girl. The Girl Scouts are girls, and like girls in every walk of American life, they are the epitome of institutional political correctness.  The epitome, the ultimate, highest, grandest, most exaltedly profound living embodiment of all the dross that threatens to sink our nation into the Sargasso Sea of history.

Next month, the Girl Scouts USA national convention will be held in Atlanta. Feh. Atlanta, the abortion capitol of the uncivilized world. This event will be a gathering of radical feminists with hairy armpits, ugly lesbians with tiny breasts, and rabid cookie peddlers with an indecent agenda far removed from the popular image of cute little Girl Scouts skipping merrily around the maypole of morality.

Dr. Johnnetta Cole is slated as a keynote speaker. Johnny, as she likes to be called, is president of Bennett College for Girls (Ha! Never heard of the place, but I'm willing to bet it's a great place to get a lap dance).  She's a professor of Girl's Studies, and Black's Studies, and is so extreme in her views that even Bill Clinton was forced to remove her from  consideration for appointment as Secretary of You-Know-What.

Another keynote speaker is Kavita Ramdas, president and CEO of the aggressively pro-abortion Global Fund for Girls.  Kavita Ramdas, huh? What the hell sort of a name is that? Sure doesn't sound American to me, nope, doesn't even sound European. What's this? A dot on her head? I thought she was just careless with her makeup, but now that you mention it, I'm pretty darn sure it is a dot.

As I noted earlier, the Boy Scout motto celebrates all that is good and godly. Let's contrast. The Girl Scouts have made "to serve God" in the Girl Scout pledge optional in deference to atheists. Optional! Just ponder that for a moment. Okay, that's enough pondering. There's more outrage. They have removed "loyalty" from their insipid little pledge in order to placate "liberated" girls. Oh no, we don't want to talk about loyalty - it's a girl-eat-man world out there, and we sisters are doing it for ourselves. How about the pledges of moral purity? Hold on to your hats - it has been changed to a statement of self-esteem. Self-esteem, that highest of liberal values, has replaced moral purity. I'll tell you what, I bet there are plenty of skanky little Scoutmistresses who are just tickled pink, if you know what I mean.

The Girl Scouts' slide into political correctness is nothing new. It has become clear that the Girl Scouts  are allied with the abortion industry, and even worse, Planned Parenthood. They are now as much a part of the man-hating radical feminist movement as the National Organization for Girls. There is no dignity or honor left intact when we think of a Girl Scout, just another lost soul, dreaming of an abortion they can call their own.

From Eve to Jezebel, from Tokyo Rose to Hillary Clinton, rational men (and yes, even some rational girls) have known that the female species, not money, is the root of all evil. And so we shudder when we see the glorification of the Girl Scouts transposed with the vilification of the Boy Scouts. It is truly a nation turned on it's head, a society where boys are bad and girls are good. Be very afraid.


2005, Mark Hoback