photo: Doug Mills/NY Times

Although the House successfully passed the Barney Frank sponsored Employment Non-Discrimination Act by a margin of 235-184 today, the long serving congressman has been looking less than elated lately. Frank, who has been pushing for a bill to protect the gay and lesbian community in the workplace for thirty years, was caught off guard when his face froze into a frown.

"My mother used to warn me this would happen if I didn't smile more often," said Frank, who really did look perfectly miserable. "But even though it may not seem to be the case, I am delighted to have finally passed this legislation, especially after so many years of trying. But now all the GLB groups are pissed at me because I had to drop the transsexuals and transgender folks to get the thing passed. Give me a break, people."

"And then there's the question of the Senate... Who knows what the hell the Senate will do? Ahh, probably not a damn thing, that's what. But even if they do, even if they do, there's still President Numbnuts with his big stupid veto pen. Sometimes I don't know why I even try."




2007, Mark Hoback