Never one to squelch his lifelong love of sports, President Bush disappointed Washington area fans by canceling his planned attendance at this Sunday's Redskins-Eagles game. The match-up will be the Redskins last game at home during Bush's remaining days as president. The White House would not immediately explain the reason for the cancellation.

"It's another upset in a demoralizing season," said down-in-the dumps coach Jim Zorn, who upon hearing of the cancellation called himself 'the worst coach in America'. "I don't blame Bush for deciding not to come Sunday. With me coaching, why bother? I just feel bad for the guys. Jason (Campbell) was so excited that he got a pair of shoes made with the number 43 on them. He was really looking forward to tossing those to the president at half-time. Now he won't have that opportunity."

Many of the Eagles players were all disappointed. "Shoot, I've been looking forward to this all week, and my arm is feeling strong," said Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. "Of course, on the positive side, at least I won't have to visit the mofo if we somehow make it to the Superbowl."


2008, Mark Hoback