David the Builder, one fine looking king.

You need to understand that David the Builder was the Best King of Georgia Ever, back when Georgia used to have kings. It was a long time ago - before Greta Garbo, before Chris Columbus, even before John McCain - back when the the didi turkoba (the Turkish onslaught) was making life in Georgia less than idyllic. Those Turks, they deposed David's daddy (ironically named King George II) and made little Davy the king, even though he was only sixteen and more than a little bit fey. I guess those Turks thought this was pretty funny. After all, they didn't keep the country and run it themselves, they just put David in charge. Big mistake.

See, the Georgians were born to be invaded. and they were born to fight back. Let's look at who all has breached their sovereignty in the past. The Romans and the Greeks tried it, but I guess that goes without saying. The Byzantines, whoever they were. The islamofascists Arabs. The Russians, more than once. The Persians, needless to say. The Mongol Hordes, and even unnamed tribes from the Northern Caucasus had fucked with Georgia at one time or another. These guys would just decimate the place. Let me just quote the delightful Ilia Chavchavadze:

“The history of Georgia is the story of the severe deficiency of peace needed for the normal development of any nation, the story of endless wars, unhappiness and heroic endurance and great restoration – in order to preserve their land, their language, and their religion".

The fact is, if you lived in Georgia and weren't fighting, you were living through strange times. So it was very much a mistake for the Turks to have their little joke on David. Because in 1121, he put together a 56,000 man army with the help of Armenia, Kipchag, Ossetia and Shirvia, and they went out and kicked 300,000 Turkish asses. And then, David the Builder earned his nickname by liberating everybody else in the neighborhood (map here). At this time, he also garnered the title of 'King of Kings, David, son of George, Sword of the Messiah'.

Important? I don't know. I'm just trying to glean enough substance to be able to write about the subject, which is something most Pols and Pundits refuse to do. You see, Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili kinda presents himself as "the successor to the medieval Georgian king David the Builder and promised that the country will regain its lost territories by the time he leaves office, by one means or another." So if you were the Russians, how would you respond? Not with a knee-jerk, I assure you that.