Hey. How ya doing? Come on inside. Come on into the kitchen. Maureen and I are just whipping up a batch of my world famous Age-Defying Protein Pancakes. We'll fix you up a batch. They're mighty good, I'm telling you that in all honesty. But aside from being delicious, you might be interested in knowing that my Age-Defying Protein Pancakes give you energy, help your heart and provide a substantial boost of muscle-building protein. It's true. Praise the Lord.

You know, I'm not the only one who loves pancakes. America loves pancakes, it's in our blood. Here's something you could try today if you don't have the common sense to just take my word for it. Hop into your car and head for IHOP, or whatever pancake distributor you might have in your neck of the woods. Now take a glance out your window. Praise the Lord, the parking lot is full of pancake eaters. America loves pancakes, and I love America.

You know what else I love? Well, I guess I shouldn't use the word love here. Love should be reserved for the Lord, America, and my Age-Defying Protein Pancakes. Those are the things I love. But you know what else I like quite a bit? Rudy Giuliani. Yes indeed, he's got my endorsement. Some people think he's too liberal, but I say that's nonsense. That's the fringe element of the right talking, Christians who may love the Lord, but don't love America enough to see that we need a president who can protect us from Islamofascism. Rudy can do that.  He knows that the Judeo-Christian West is under attack by Islamamaniac extremists, and he's not afraid to beat the demons out of them until they have physically departed this world. It's true. And even though there may be a small vile part of him that thinks that gays and abortion are okay, he has given his word that he will never appoint a judge to the federal bench who agrees with his own sinful opinions.

There you go. Don't forget to wipe your mouth, and maybe leave a little tip for Maureen. You did enjoy the protein pancakes, didn't you? I can tell. They're age defying, don't you know. Thanks for stopping by. I've said my piece. Thanks for stopping by. I suppose I'll be seeing you again real soon on the talkies, now that I'm relevant again. Praise the Lord.



2007. Mark Hoback