It got just a little bit harder for a woman to show that heavenly glow in Singapore this week, after Catholic whiners got 'Looking Good for Jesus' cosmetics pulled from the shelves of Topshop.

"There are sexual innuendoes in the messages and the way Jesus is portrayed in these products," said crybaby Nick Chui, who apparently accomplished his goal of banishment via what must have been a most powerful letter.

But think not that his charges are baseless. For example, the 'Looking Good for Jesus Bubble Bath with Citrus Scent', which urges nubile young maidens to 'follow in His footsteps', features the Lord holding a pure white towel which one can only assume He intends to dry off their supple bodies with, after which there is little doubt that He would pull out His tube of 'Looking Good for Jesus Sparkle Cream (with lily scent)' and urge them to 'get tight with Christ'.

"This entire episode has left a very bad taste in my mouth," Chui told the Singapore Times. "It is very fortunate for me that I had my miraculously minty 'Believe in God Breath Spray' close at hand."


2008, Mark Hoback