In a move that has sent shock waves all the way from Boise to someplace else in Idaho, Mister Potatohead has tendered his resignation as the official mascot of the Idaho Hall of Fame. The action came on the heels of an announcement that the latest inductee to the IHF would be troubled GOP Senator Larry 'Bowlegs' Craig.

"I feel like the Idaho Hall of Fame needs to observe a certain level of decorum," said Potatohead, 57. "I mean, I'm not trying to throw stones here. Sure, I'm no babe in the woods, but I do sincerely believe that to qualify for the hall of fame, you should at least be able to recognize an undercover cop when you see one."

"Damn right," said Paul Revere (of the Raiders), a somewhat famous Idahoan who previously inducted into the IHF. "You know back in the day when we used to sing 'kicks just keep getting harder to find'? That was bullshit. They weren't hard to find, we were just real careful."