Torch not extinguished in San Francisco

San Francisco officials were all smiles today after they prevented the Olympic Torch from being snuffed by rerouting it's journey through the suburban Saint Clara neighborhood along the mile and a half stretch of Crestmont Boulevard.

"Boy, are those protesters really pissed off," said councilman Ron Hurley, who organized the change. "We just kept all our cops down by the waterfront, so nobody had a clue. Shucks, a lot of those nogoodniks declared victory and went home by noon. Jeez that makes me laugh."

And all the while, Louella Parsons, former Olympic bronze winner for the 1956 US women's synchronized swimming team was walking the torch in to the finish line. She was cheered on by the kindergarten class from Crestmont Methodist who were outside on recess at the time. 

"The only down side was the fans," conceded Hurley. "They feel a little burned by not seeing the torch, pardon the pun. I know some of them had waited for hours to see a piece of history that would never come, but seriously, shouldn't they have been at work? We've got the whole thing on video, get over it."



2008, Mark Hoback