Pittsburgh, Pa. [FGAQ]: The mood in Pittsburgh is a cheerful one today, as Steelers fans express pleasure in the team's 21-10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

"I'm very pleased they won," said Marge Peterson, who describes herself as a lifetime fan. "We were at a Superbowl party last evening and you wouldn't believe how upbeat everyone was. People were clapping and everything."

"I would describe the mood as one of outright enthusiasm," said Mel Putnam, owner of the Dewdrop Tavern in South Pittsburgh. "We barely had enough seats for everyone. We had one customer that got so excited that he knocked over a beer. Or maybe he was just drunk. But I'm telling you - the crowd didn't even clear out until near ten."

"Trouble? Not really," said police officer Denton Cale, who was out on patrol following the game. "But there were people out on the streets past bedtime, some of them talking quite loudly. I had to go to one apartment and tell the residents to tone it down a bit."

"It was quite the happy night," said long time Steelers fan Greg Hawthorne. "I think the best part was when the quarterback threw the ball and that guy caught it. That was really something."

Not everyone, however, was enthused about the Steelers first return to the championship since 1980. Herb Peterson expressed his boredom with the whole affair. "Football, football, football. The Steelers are all anyone's talked about for days and days now. Frankly I'm glad it's all over with. Now maybe we can get back to the things that really matter, like the Pirates."


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