photo from Women's Boxing Archive Network

Meet Ann 'Brown Sugar' Wolfe. She's 5'9", 157 pounds, and Mike Tyson might just be able to kick her ass.

At a news conference to promote the 'Mike Tyson World Tour', he said that at some of his upcoming stops, he would like to stage some fights with women, and expressed a special interest in pounding Wolfe, who weighs about seventy pounds less than him.

 "She's such a prominent, dominant woman in the boxing field, a monster, a beast. I don't know if I could take her or not, but it would be an exciting event and a hell of a payday. Who wouldn't pay thirty bucks to HBO for the opportunity to see Mike Tyson whip a bitch?"

Of course, if that doesn't work out, there's always the stud farm. Heidi Fleiss has told the LA Times that Tyson may be the featured attraction in her planned Nevada male whore house.

I said to him, 'You going to be my stud?' And he said, 'Heidi I don't care what any man says. It's every man's dream to please every woman no matter how old, how young, how fat, how pretty, how ugly, it's every man's dream to please every woman and especially get paid for it.'

Mike Tyson, always the charmer. His tricks will indeed range from old to young to fat to pretty to ugly, but just wait till he finds out that most of them won't be women.