Mike Tyson to Leave Boxing

Tyson, who has lost three of his last four bouts, indicated he would retire, saying: "I don't have the guts to fight anymore. My heart is not in it anymore. I don't want to disrespect the sport I love."

As bad as quitting might tarnish whatever is left of Tyson's once-proud legacy, his reputation would have been even further damaged if the fight had stopped after Tyson first tried to break McBride's left arm and then purposely head-butted his opponent, opening a cut above McBride's left eye. - Washington Post, 6/12/05

FGAQ caught up with the once great fighter after the match, and asked him about his future plans.

"I'm bwoke," he told us, "so I gotta keep on wucking. Not onwy did I woose this match, I wost a vewy wucwative contwact pwomoting Tyson chicken. I aweady cut two commuchas - 'It takes a tough man to beat a tender chicken'. Sigh. I weand aw the wuds wight, but they don't wan't a woosuh to pwomote theh chicken."

"So I'm gonna take this gig in Vegas as a human punching bag. Thew aw a wot of wich and famous peopo who wi pay a hundwed gwand to say they beat the champ. Fowah two hundwed gwand, I pwomise to not even hit back."


2005, Mark Hoback