Good News Story of the Day

Today's good news story centers around renowned psychic Uri Geller, who has... Renowned psychic Uri Geller. He just... U-R-I. At one time he was quite well known for his psychic abilities... Well, he could bend spoons with his mind, that's what... No, I guess that was about all... I don't know about other utensils... Says you! It was very impressive to watch. I mean, he'd be holding that spoon, talking to it, caressing it, and the next thing you knew that sucker would flop right over. Okay, okay, I get your point, but you've got to remember that people were a lot less jaded back in those days. And a lot higher.

Uri milked that cash cow for all it was worth. And then he performed his greatest stunt in the early eighties, when he made himself disappear... All right, not exactly disappear, but you sure didn't see him around much, unless you happened to catch 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' a few years back. And uh... he was really tight with Michael Jackson...

So, as I was saying, today's good news story centers around renowned psychic Uri Geller who has successfully put in the winning bid for Elvis Presley's first house. Sure, who wouldn't want to live in a cool place like Graceland? Unfortunately, the house Geller bought was the one Presley had while they were still building Graceland. But it was still a very nice house, four bedrooms, two baths - a real steal at only $900K, what with all the cultural significance of it being Elvis's house until he could get one built that included a jungle room.

I guess what makes this such a good news story is Uri's intention to use the house as a force for good after it's been 'restored to it's old glory' and before he gets 'approval to turn it into a museum'. Which could be a period of, I don't know, months and months. "We would like to bring sick children there (for tours), Palestinian children, Israeli children, American children."

The deal was meant to be, and it's all thanks to Geller's lucky number eleven. As Uri explains, "I felt intuitively I got the price. I was text messaging (co -buyer) Gleason and it was exactly 11 on my mobile phone and suddenly the radio started playing an Elvis song. That was Elvis telling me we got the house!"

Well, I guess that was good news. For Uri, anyway. Sorry to bother you.


2006, Mark Hoback