photo: Tao

R&B superstar Usher has called off his star-studded weekend wedding to pregnant fiancée Tameka Foster after undergoing an epiphany Monday night at the Tao club.

Apparently, the road to the alter for Usher and Tameka has been a rough one, filled with rumble strips and unmarked patrol cars. According to News24, a source told People magazine that

"They had a lot of differences about the details. For example, the bride wanted a barbeque, but Usher wanted to have renowned chef Jean Georges cook."

While Usher readily admits that no one can poach a Copper River Salmon like Jean Georges, he explains that his reasons for calling off the wedding were considerably less superficial than the choice of entree.

"You know how you'll be sitting stage side at the Tao Club, you know, over in the VIP section, and you're listening to Robert Cray playing some killer blues, yeah, and maybe you've done some top drawer blow with the owner up in the courtesy lounge, feeling good, and you're working on your second bottle of Cristal, and all of a sudden Pamela Anderson comes over and starts nibbling on your ear, you know what I'm saying? I just got me an epiphany that wouldn't end, I'm being real with you."


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