The War on Thanksgiving
Frank J Rutherford

November 23, 2005 |  

Having accomplished their goal of absolutely ruining Christmas for the majority of Americans, the elitist liberals have now refocused their scopes on the other holiday that all good people of faith hold as a symbol of what is lasting and decent in this country. I, of course, am speaking of the secular war on Thanksgiving, which threatens to become the new prime battleground in the left's feverish drive towards multiculturalism. Right thinking citizens can not afford to let them get away with those sort of shenanigans again.

Already you see the ACLU bringing their arrogant lawsuits to towns across this Christian country. In Topeka, the city is ordered to remove a haystack from the town square. In Montgomery, the town's pilgrim display was just ruined when officials removed the baby Jesus and the Three Wise Indians from the scene. And in New York City, this year's Thanksgiving Day Parade includes both Blacks and Hispanics, neither of which were present at the original Thanksgiving. Thanks a lot, Macy's, for helping destroy our heritage.

Liberals don't even want the word 'Thanksgiving' to be used in the public arena, preferring instead the generic phrase 'Turkey Day'. Retailers, afraid of losing even a few of the holiday dollars, are quickly falling into line. I myself was subjected to this unpleasantry just last night, while shopping at my local Target. When checking out, the cashier (who, by the way, had a pagan piercing in her tongue, at least twenty earrings, and probably a host of other holes that I thankfully could not see), paused before ringing up the pilgrim outfit that I had purchased for the upcoming festivities, and asked me (in that smarmy slacker way that I so detest), "is this for you?" Knowing that this was the type of adolescent whose sole purpose in life is to ridicule others, I snapped back "Well, of course it is, little Missy. Do you even know what a pilgrim is?" She just snickered to herself as she bagged my purchases, and then as I was departing, she looked me in the eye and said "Well, Happy Turkey Day". I fumed the entire way home.

Thanksgiving Day is not just about Turkey. At the Rutherford household we don't even have turkey, opting instead for a nice leg of lamb. Of course we have all the other traditional fixings: cranberry sauce, candied yams, stovetop stuffing (I know, I know, but have you ever tried to stuff a leg of lamb?), and of course pumpkin pie topped with plenty of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey.

But all of these delicacies are meaningless without the true underpinnings of the holiday - Thanking the creator for all his many blessings, and for making us Americans instead of some unseemly third-world types. (I often wonder if God calls the day Thankstaking.) Secular atheist liberals don't want to include God in their 'Turkey Day'. They prefer to think of the day as an opportunity to gorge and guzzle while watching football and making plans for the hectic holiday season that lays ahead. Which is true in a way, but I just don't like their attitude.

2005, Mark Hoback