Water Gate Not Fait Accompli
Frank J Rutherford

September 19, 2005

There are no depths to which the libelous left will not stoop to in their effort to besmirch the noble name of the National Nabob, as the bathroom permission note scandal resoundingly makes clear. There is nothing that the secularist zombies of the bottomless venom spewing depths would love more than to link the nation's mental image of George W Bush to a golden arc of steaming urine.

In this effort, they shall not succeed. Oh yes, we may have to endure a few more 'water gate' jokes, but ultimately the truth surrounding this massively immoral maligning may prove to be the final nail in the coffin of the mainstream media moguls, already standing up to their necks and beyond in the stinking urinal of Aulde Laddie Rue.

Phony? Manipulative? Just look at the caption which Reuters originally assigned to the doctored photo:

U.S. President George 'Goo Goo' Bush writes a note to Secretary of State Condie-wondie Rice during a Security Council meeting at the 60th General Assembly of the United Nations. World leaders are exploring ways to revitalize the United Nations at a summit on Wednesday but the Big Baby in Chief couldn't pay attention because he needed to take a wee-wee.

With such an inflammatory caption being provided by the secular media, one would come away with the impression that George Bush cared more about the needs of his bladder that he did about revitalizing the UN.

Scurrilously potty-mouthed propaganda? You bet. The answer would certainly appear to be yes for Democrat National Chair Howard Dean, who describes the note as the throbbing gun in the Bush agenda, and calls the event 'the best piece of news we've had since Katrina'. Well, if Howard endorses it, then level-headed Americans should treat the event like Superman treats those glowing green rocks that seem to be in such plentiful supply on planet earth. For goodness sake, you can't take a walk around the block in Metropolis without tripping over a piece of Kryptonite.

Was this note in fact written by two different people? The first part of the note has the text "condi - if I dont get to the john in about 5 minutes we're talking about" written in a 22 point mistral script, while the other phrase, which reads "massive flooding. Get me", is in a completely different writing style. Why would Bush do such a thing?  Why would any sane president, in an urgent need to drain the donkey, indulge in two distinctly separate scripts? Why, such a man would be mad, which would appear to be precisely the message intended by the perpetrators of this hoax.

Handwriting experts opine that the second portion of the note, which contains the words "massive flooding", are the genuine words of the chief executive, noting that the message was written on September 14th, around the same time that Bush found about the crisis in New Orleans. Furthermore, according to White House press secretary Scott McClellan, the president never refers to the lavatory as 'the john', preferring instead the phrases 'the can', 'the pisser', and 'the tinkle tinkle ha-ha room'.

Clearly the loony left was a willing victim to the Reuters hoax, but it should be obvious to all but the most Kool-Aid crazed lib that such blatant manipulation does nothing but weaken the American image at home and abroad. Perhaps it is in some way true that the president, on occasion, sails the lazy river, but that is surely more than America needs to know.

2005, Mark Hoback