George W Bush, Man of Many Words
Frank J Rutherford 

Some say that the president hit rock bottom with the 2006 mid-term elections, which many of the elite framed as a rebuke - a rapping of the knuckles by the Nuns of Liberalism, if you please - of his not quite yet successful policy of Middle East democracy. And perhaps they were right in their assessment, at least about the hitting the bottom part.

But the Phoenix that we now see arising from the ashes of left-wing scare and stare politics has all the drama and majesty of a  launch of the space shuttle Discovery on a warm Cape Canaveral night, the sky lit by a multitude of stars, extinguished like the flames that live in jars, as the mighty bird ignites with gaseous roars, till it breaks the chains of gravity and soars.

Whoa. That sentence wore me out, so let me just indulge in a little straight talk. George W Bush's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal is an unbridled bit of genius. And he wrote it himself!

Do you, gentle reader,  know how very hard writing is? I myself struggle with the Herculean task of writing two five hundred word columns per week on topical matters, and it is no trifling  matter, no task for the faint-hearted. Ponder this fact for a moment if you will. Two pieces a week  is one hundred columns in the mere space of a year (I do get two weeks off, people.) Riddle me this - has there ever been a year that contained one hundred interesting things in it's course? Of course not, and therein lies the rub.

While the president might not share my staggering burden of producing a smart, insightful bi-weekly column, it is undeniable that he is called upon quite frequently to express himself in a coherent manner. And more often than not, he acquits himself respectably, which is all we can ask for, and more than I can claim for myself.  Is everything that I pen Pulitzer material? Indeed not, but neither would I be so humble as to suggestion that from my work there are no gems worth gathering.

Let the cynics say that in the president's most recent words there is little new beyond the groundwork needed to blame the Democratic party for the next two years of failure. All that this journalist knows is that the president has written 1,254 words, the equivalent of two and a half columns.

Hail to the Chief. It's not just a metaphor anymore.