You sure it's okay if I stop by to see the president now?
Not a problem at all, Chief. Let's go on in. Hey, as long as we're here, I want to introduce you to someone. Reese, this is our new Chief of Staff, Joshua Bolten.
We call her the Secretary of Wishes but really she's more like the president's sitter.
That's right.
I mean, what the heck are we supposed to do? We can't tell anybody outside the immediate circle about the president's transformation. It's a national security matter. People would panic if they realized that the national figurehead was actually Jambi the Genie.
Ah, you never can tell, Karl. I mean, you go back a few years and Jambi had a heckuva Q Score. Anyway, let me see this small, strange president of yours........ Wow!
Josh! What the hell are you doing here? I hope you haven't come here with a wish to reduce that deficit of yours. I've been working on wish granting for days and still haven't got the hang of it. Mekka lekka whatever.
No wishes today, my friend. I'm just moving in as the new Chief of Staff and wanted to pay my courtesies.
Heh heh, no need to rush, Boltzy. Hate to bust your bubble, but I think Card is in for the long run.
George, I didn't want...
Don't call me George, Turd Blossom!
Sorry, Mister President. And I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about our decision to replace Andy. We thought it best to keep it...
You can't shake up my staff! I like a stable staff and I'm still the president!
We know that, sir, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I respect that greatly. The whole country thanks you for your great serviceability. Okay, maybe not the whole country, but the point is - Thank you. Thank you very much. But the bottom line is...
Oh lord, not a bottom line...
The bottom line is, I'm Jambi's Chief of Staff, not yours.
You just don't look very presidential anymore. And you know what the Vice President says - "Perception is reality".
I never did understand what he meant by that. But I'm still the president, right?
That's a really complicated question, and I promise that we will have Gonzales take a look at the situation in the event that we decide to reveal the situation to him.
But I've got the president's brain.
I can see we're getting nowhere with this... Okay,  George, keep your chin up. We're off to see the boss.
But I'm...
See you later, Sir. Mind locking up, Reese?


2006, Mark Hoback