There's my little blue buddy. How you doing, compadre? Enjoying the charmed life? The box is looking good... You know, sometimes I miss that place.
Cram it, clown. I want my body back.
I know you do amigo, but that's just not a viable option at the moment.
Come on, sir, we need your help for this to all work out. Jambi for his charm, communication skills, and superior intellect. And if you ever learn how, we need you to help make our wishes come true.
That's a lousy-ass deal.
Well, for you maybe...
Listen... I'm immortal, but sooner or later I've got to get back in the box, so I promise I'm not going to keep your body forever. But for now I'm just enjoying being human. It's the little things, like eating, and drinking...
You're drinking with my body?
Big time.
And best of all, the sex.
Nah, a little old for my taste. Some of the interns, though, are just delicious. It's amazing how much tail you can get just by being president.
Oh, my poor legacy...
Anyway, it's time for you to start with the magic lessons so you can be of some use around here. Otherwise you're nothing more than a head in a box, if you know what I mean. Reese tells me that you can't even open your door by yourself.
That's right.
Well that's an easy one. Just put your focus on the door and say 'Open sesame'.
Open sesame.
Try putting a little more oomph in it.
Open sesame!
Ouch, my nose!
That's our boy!
Say it again, Mister President...
Open sesame, Goddamit!
You got it, big guy. You got it. At least you're not a shut-in anymore.
Good one, Jambi.
Har-dee har har, you body-thievin creep. You've done habeus corpused me, and I intend to...
Hold that thought, George. We've got a very important meeting starting in about five minutes.
Yeah, Jambi's got some new interns that need a good briefing. See you.
We can practice some more with the door...


2006, Mark Hoback