That was a wonderful bike ride, guys. This human body is really starting to fit me like a glove.
You're getting it down, Jambi. I can hardly tell the difference between you and the real thing.
I believe I can. Jambi's a lot easier to keep upright.
Considerably more graceful in the boudoir.
Big time. Not to mention... What the hell did you just say, Condi?
Uh, much easier to deal with all around.
Thanks, guys. Never did I dream that a humble Genie such as myself would one day become president of the United States. When I was just a lad, growing up in ancient Sumatra, my mother used to tell me...
Cut the chatter. A new tape has just surfaced from that blithering bastard Osama bin Laden. What's the bottom line with this one?
We're still working with the translation, Dick, but from first look it appears to be more blustering and threats. One new thing is that he's calling on his supporters to move some of their efforts to Sudan, where he...
There you are, you traitorous scoundrels. Leave me in a box in the Oval Office while you're out in sunny California, will ya? Just wait until my magic gets a little stronger and I'll show you a thing or two. Why, I'm going to make your life hell. You're gonna regret the day you decided to fuck with George W Bush. I'm gonna tear you all a brand new...
That was most decidedly weird. How did he manage to get out of the box, Jambi?
Genies can do that, you know. Part and parcel of the package. And you know that I'm obliged to teach him the tricks of the trade because of the body exchange. You can't just have a simple ordinary mortal occupying the powerful box of Jambi.
Heh. An idiot-in-the-box.
I see your point, Jambi. But how do we ensure that he doesn't pop up and do something, um, stupid.
There's always that possibility, but I don't think I'd worry too much about it at this point. He really doesn't know any magic yet except for opening doors and...
The amazing ability to appear in a room unbidden.
Well, yeah, that. But still, let me tell you from personal experience, it took me nearly half a century before I could stay out of the box for more than a minute.
Scumbags! I'll have you all tried for treason and hung by the neck until dead! That includes you, you miserable Genie. When I'm through with...
And apparently he has the ability to do it more than once a day.
Well, sure, I guess that's true. But you notice how much shorter that visit was? You wear yourself out quickly with those out of the box experiences. So with the limited amount of time he can't do much harm. Although I'll admit it can be...
You bastards! I'm gonna...
...a bit disconcerting.


2006, Mark Hoback