So it's been quite a week for you, hasn't it? Tony Snow, FOX commentator one day and sitting in the presidential cat-bird seat the next. Let's take a look at that clip we have of  you with President Bush.
...and I look forward to an extremely close relationship with Tony-O here, who will be carrying a lot of new responsibilities. Not only will he be directing all of our press briefings, he will also be in charge of personally reading me the news every morning. We've built him a little anchor desk in the blue room where he'll be able to fill me in on the latest stories at a moments notice.
Quite impressive. Quite impressive. You're a great American, Tony.
Thank you, Sean, you're a great American too. Speaking of great...
Pardon me, Sean, I just want to slip into the conversation for a moment. Tony, after watching the clip, I was wondering. You're taller than the president, aren't you?
Colmes, you Bush-bashing idiot. You're only asking that question to imply...
It's all right, Sean. I don't mind answering his stupid question. Yes, I am a little taller than the president, but only by a couple of inches.
You see, Colmes, you've wasted our last question on crap, and now we have to go to commercial. Thank you for being my guest, Tony. We're looking forward to seeing you in action. We'll be back in just a couple of minutes with Ann Coulter.
God, I'm so glad to get away from those two idiots. I need a shower, a burger, and a stiff drink, not necessarily in that order.
Tony! Tony! Pull over and listen to me!
Holy crap! It's a disembodied blue head...
Shut up! I'm not a disembodied blue head, I am the president of the United States! And I've only got a few seconds...
I got myself caught up in a terrorist body exchange with this Genie, and when...
How ya doin', pal. What can I get you?
Johnny Walker on the rocks, Joe. Better make that a double.
Comin' right up, pal.
Listen to me, Tony. We only have a few seconds. You've got to tell the American people what's going on!
Just. Go. Away.
Here ya go, pal. To your health.
Thanks, Joe. To your health... You know, Joe, it's a crazy old world out there...
Tell me about it, pal, tell me about it.


2006, Mark Hoback