Laura, we need to have a little talk about something a tad unusual that happened yesterday...
Does it have anything to do with George? He's been acting awfully strange. All he would eat for dinner last night was ice cream soup, and then he went to sleep on the carpet. I'm worried about him... This morning I found him playing with my make up.
It does involve the president, but, uh, he's okay... Listen, first I'd like you to meet someone. This is Reese Witherspoon, our new Ambassador to Jambi.
Hello, Reese. This must be very exciting for you.
It sure is.
Where exactly is Jambi?
On that little green marble table in the Oval Office.
Follow me, ladies. Laura, I want you to tell me if you recognize someone. Right over here...
Help! Help! Somebody get me out of here!
Whoa. Thank goodness. It was dark in there, and scary. And my nose started itching but I couldn't scratch it except on the side of the box, and...
My goodness. A disembodied talking human head. How perfectly quaint.
Laura, it's me! I'm not a discombobulated talking human head, I'm George W Bush, your husband and the president of the United States.
That is just the cutest thing ever.
I know. And I'm it's ambassador!
So you don't think there's any possibility that this could be your husband?
Don't be silly, Karl. I wouldn't marry a talking head.
You dumb #&@x When I get out of here I'm going to ^#*! your &%%=<@ until it's redder than Ted Kennedy's nose.
On the other hand...
Hi, Laura. I see you've made acquaintance with my new pet Genie.
Indeed I have, George, and I must say he's got quite a mouth on him. What's his name?
George W Bush.
Heh, heh, heh. No. Just kidding. I call him Jambi.
Oh! Okay, I get it. Reese, when you said you were the Ambassador to Jambi, I though you were...
I know.
I said I'm not @#&X@ Jambi. Listen to me, you X?@%.
Well, Mister Jambi, Genie or not, I've had about enough of your bad language. And you know what that means.
Help! Help! Get me out of the box! I'm claustrophobic. My nose itches. Help!
Goodbye, Jambi. Maybe I'll come to visit again sometime when you're in a better mood.


2006, Mark Hoback