And so you see Mister President... I mean, Jambi, Sir... Sir Jambi... Ooh, I don't know what to call you...
Just call me George. It kind of goes with the face.
Really? I can call you George? Wow. The real president never let me call him by his name.
Ha hahaha. Enjoy the joys of Jambi!
Hey! Turd Blossom! Don't be calling that Genie by my name!
So anyway, George, I'm really hoping that you can work with us on some very important wishes. We've got a whole list of things that we really really want to happen in the next few years. For example, there's a...
Bargaining point. Can I keep the president's body?
There he is.
What are you doing talking to Jambi without us, Rove?
Aw Jeez, guys. I'm just trying to work out a deal for wishes. I swear that's all.
Don't listen to this little traitor, Donnie. He's trying to finagle his own wishes. 'Oh, Jambi, I want to look like George Clooney'.
Quit teasing me, Mister Vice President. Jambi wants to know if he can keep the president's body.
In exchange for wishes? Absolutely.
Oh, lord, Dick. Talk about traitors. I've always stood up for you.
Let's not be too hasty on this.
Go Rummy. Go Rummy. Go Rummy. Go Rummy.
There's a lot more to being the president than just looking the par, Jambit. For example, can you give a decent speech?
I'm a very quick study.
Good, good. How about arm twisting?
I once twisted Ali Baba's arm until it looked like Turkish taffy
You do realize that you would be taking on a family, George. A wife, two lovely daughters...
Grrrrr... Rove called him George. I smell a rat.
Sounding good, sounding good Karl, old buddy, old pal old chum. I've been in that box sixteen hundred years. I'll bet you I can screw anything with a pulse for the next couple of decades. Any lovely sons?
No, but we'll introduce you to Scott the Spokesman. He can take care of that end for you.
That was a terrible pun, Turd Blossom. I'll get you for that.
Oh, heh heh. That must be George talking from the box. You can barely hear him. Reese, open his shutters and let's get his take on this whole thing.
Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! I'm trapped in a Jambi box!
Oh hush, Mister President. Here. Have a marshmallow peanut.
George, your country need you. Well, kind of. We need you to quit being president. You've made a fucking mess out of things. Ha. Just kidding. But on the serious side, we would like to trade you in for Jambi.
We've brought someone in to explain our rationale to you, George.
Don't call me George, Turd Blossom.
Well, Jambi let's me call him George.
That's right. Now let me introduce you to your special emissary.

to be continued...


2006, Mark Hoback