Hi son. You're looking kind of blue today.
You've got to help me, dad. I'm stuck here in this box, and Dick and Rummy and Rove don't care!
Oh, I'm sure they care son...
We care
...it's just that they care about other things as well. Like the welfare of their country. And a little thing called loyalty. That's important to you too, isn't it son?
What the hell are you talking about! Loyalty! I'm your son, and Jambi is a fucking...
Genie? Not any more.
Son, let me ask you a question. How long has this little Iraq war of yours been going on?
Uh... bout three years...
I know this is asking a lot, but try and stretch your brain... How long did my Iraq war last?
Uh... bout three days...
And the difference was?
Oh, lord...


2006, Mark Hoback