our little man

Large room at Kennebunkport. Dusty furniture.
Old brandy. Filtered light.

"Our Little man, grows smaller every day"

    "Yes he does"

"Oh, our little man, grows smaller every day"

    "Sing it, mama"

"I said that little man, he sure did once seem tall..."

   "Mmm. That's all the words there are."

"What good are words? Words don't mean shit."



   "It's all right. Sorry to raise my voice."

"It's all right."

   "Sure got small, though, didn't he?"

"Real small."

   "Smaller than Jeb."

"That's pretty small."

   "Well. I'll have to admit it is."

"Makes you look good, though."

   "You think?"

"By comparison."

   "Yeah. By comparison. Heh, heh"

"So much for your new world order."

   "Wasn't that much of an idea anyway."

"So much for the dynasty."

   "Wasn't much of a dynasty to begin with. Lotta money. That's about all. I mean, if we really talked about it..."

"Money. We've still got plenty of money."

   "Money'll get you through times of no pride better than pride'll get you through times of no money."

"True true true."


"I like that song of yours."

   "What song?

"The one we were just singing. That little man, he used to stand so tall..."

    "That's the words?"

"Well, you changed them. To the better, I think."

   "Oh. Yeah. The Gershwin thing."

"George. You just made that up right now. It was about Junior."


"Your son."

   "I have no son! I'm impotent."

"Mmm. He sure looks like someone I know..."


"Pshaw. That's a funny word, pshaw. I have never said that word before in my lifetime."

   "It's a good word. A real American word. Hillbillies invented it. We should use it more."


   "Heh, heh, pshaw."

"There's puke on the piano."


"I don't mind. The help can clean it up. Come on. One, two, three, four - "That Little man, he keeps on growing small"

   "Pshaw, pshaw."

"Oh that little man, he used to stand so tall"

   "Hey pshaw!"

"I said that little man...."


2003 Mark Hoback