Economy done turned off Wall Street. Saw it headin on down 4th Street towards Main.

Economy glance at uh cheap J.C. Penny's wristwatch and make uh quick stop at Louie's Sub Shop for uh tuna fish on rye and uh hot cuppa coffee. Economy want to take uh leak, but the toilet's overflowed so thu Economy suck it up and walk on down thu street.

Couple hookers try to catch Economy's eye, but Economy don't have time for none of that nonsense. Economy wants to get uh buzz on quick, and only got about five minutes to meet thu Man.

Coffee ran right through Economy. Gotta go real bad, so Economy ducks into thu alley and pee behind thu dumpster.

Then Economy turns thu corner and sees thu Man comin up Main Street, right on time. 

2004, mark hoback (updated 2008)

monster sketch 2004, Maxine Daley