So Hillary Clinton rides shotgun into a gas station aboard a white pickup truck driven by a sheet-metal worker by the name of Jason. She's got a big ass motorcade with her, eight SUVs, couple of cruisers, press bus, the whole shebang.

The owner's got to be happy to see her since he's already had the station closed to 'outside' customers for over an hour. Don't want any non-vetted citizens getting in the way of the photo-op.

The press is speculating as to whether Hillary will pump or not, that's how tired this whole charade is. It doesn't happen - Hillary explains that the Secret Service has a strict guideline considering gas-pumping, and she hasn't had her hands on a hose since 1992. Jason gets the honors, and when he is finished he has rung up an awe-inspiring $63.67 worth of petrol and the 'tank was half full!' (Never say half empty.)

The candidate alternates between looks of sorrow and headshakes of disgust. Photographers focus in on the gas pump and click.

Clinton pays, just like she'll pay for her imaginary gas holiday by imposing a windfall profits tax on the oil companies. No big woof for Jason, it's not his damn truck. He had to borrow his boss' damn truck so he could fit a secret service agent or two in the back. If it had been his truck, the tank would have been just shy of empty and he would of shown her what a real tank costs.

C'est la vie. Off to the next show.


2008, Mark Hoback