Bush Decries Dem Goodmouthing


President Bush once again entered the 2008 election fray, using his presidential clout to portray both Democratic candidates as 'say anything goodmouthers'. Bush's remarks came shortly after his return from an unfruitful tour of the Middle East, where some reporters chastised barbed statements aimed at Barack Obama that Bush made while speaking before Israel's Knesset.

"Some people think that the President of the United States has no business warning the Israeli people of the peril that may await them on November 3rd. I respectfully disagree. Some say that the president should stand mute on the sidelines as the candidates indulge in blatant trickery. I stand before the American people and say proudly, I am not Some."

"For the past couple of weeks, we have seen some disturbing trends in this year's political process. It started out slowly, a gracious word dropped here or there. But now the floodgates have opened, resulting in an unprecedented amount of goodmouthing between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton, both of them calling the other great and inspirational leaders. They're praising each other to high heaven in a blatant attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people by trying to unite the Democratic Party. This will not stand."

"As of late, events have taken an ominous turn. Both candidates have begun goodmouthing Senator McCain, calling him a good and honorable man who has served his country well. At one time, this was an understandable tactic, such as when Senator Clinton goodmouthed John McCain in order to slight Senator Obama. Those preconditions are gone. Now they goodmouth Senator McCain in order to give him a Democratic taint."

"Even this is understandable when placed within the context of 'All is fair in love and war and politics'. Senator McCain is running for president, and I am sure this is not the first time he has been on the receiving end of gratuitous goodmouthing."

"Last week, while I was attending to the nation's business overseas, however, Senator Obama went a step too far. He goodmouthed my father. George Herbert Walker Bush is a private citizen, and yet he was subjected to hearing Barack Obama say 'I have enormous sympathy for the foreign policy of George H.W. Bush.'  He went on to goodmouth my dad further, saying he did an okay job with Desert Storm, and even goodmouthing his actions during the fall of the Berlin Wall. Well, Mr. Obama, my father does not need your sympathy."

"Unacceptable and divisive, this is a tactic designed to bewilder the good people in this country. It is time to lower the level of dialogue in this election, and as long as I am still President of this nation, I stand ready to do whatever is necessary."



2008, Mark Hoback