Rendezvous in Baghdad

Things momentarily took a scary turn for Barack Obama this morning as he was being escorted through a peaceful Baghdad market with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. In what was supposed to be a secured area, a man with an incredibly big mouth suddenly popped up from behind a produce cart and began to yell threateningly at the senator.

"What are you doing here, Obama?" shouted the crazy man. "You wouldn't even be able to come to Baghdad if it wasn't for John McCain. Say it worked. Say it worked. Say the goddamn surge has worked, you filthy defeatist.

Guards quickly drew their guns, but Obama urged them to use restraint, saying that he did not feel he was in danger.

"I don't think that's a gun in his hand. It looks more like a zucchini to me. And maybe I'm hallucinating, but he sure looks and sounds a great deal like Holy Joe Lieberman to me. Is that you, Holy Joe?"

"Don't call me Joe. Only my friends get to call me Joe. You were prepared to lose the war, weren't you? Admit it. Admit it. It would have all been in vain if you had your way, America with it's tail tucked between it's legs, limping away from freedom like a three legged dog."

"Yep, that's Holy Joe all right. Wonder what the heck he's doing here."


"Truly I do not know. I did not even know that John McCain was in Baghdad this week."

"You don't suppose he just decided to show up on his own, do you?  What say we ask him? Hey, Holy Joe, what you doing in Baghdad without your BFF?"

"I'm buying produce, you coward, what does it look like I'm doing? I'm free to come to the market and get some goddamn produce now that John McCain's surge has worked. Here, chew on this, loser... Oops... Sorry, Prime Minister, that tomato was obviously meant for Obama. Really. I, uh... I... You can put the guns down now... Seriously... Senator Obama, won't you please tell them they can put the guns down?"



2008, Mark Hoback